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How can you satisfy the customers of Today?
With Tomorrow's Technology.
people have been living and working with wood or centuries.Each day we make an important contribution towards optimizing the benefits of wood.Our work with wood therefore leads us to continually develop our products,process and services

How to simultaneously pay attention to outer appearances & inner values.

Apart from other features like better bonding etc., much emphasis is given to the finish of the product. Smooth finish is given to the surface of plywood with the help of sophisticated imported machines. Every piece of plywood passes several checks before being finally passed.

Finishing section plays an important role in product look as well as its quality. We dedicated a huge area for the finishing of our products. This section is separate from other sections to provide more attention to product finishing. We are very strict in checking the quality of our products.

Every peace is checked from its side and also from top surface. Any stain, gap or overlap is removed during checking. Finishing is done and supervised by finishing experts so that there is no chance of any finishing flaws.

How can you satisfy the customers of Today?

With tomorrow's Technology.

People have been living and working with wood for centuries. Each day we make an important contribution towards optimizing the benefits of wood. Our work with wood therefore leads us to continually develop our products, process and service.

Plywood is made of three or more thin layers of wood bonded together with UF or PF resins. The finished product when exposed to heat then a hydrolysis process in the glue decreases the strength of glue line and due to this de-lamination problem occurs in the products. To overcome this problem one should minimize the hydrolysis process in glue line. During the process a latest hardener is added in the glue which minimizes the hydrolysis of glue and as a result the product remains unaffected in any climatic condition. Grassim Ritzy is empowered with HTR Technology, which makes its tough in the places where climate remains very hot and humid.

Feel the power of HD in plywood

What is HD in Grassim Ritzy Plywood?

As we all know that strength is directly related to the high density. If a panel has high density then certainly it will be of higher strength. That's why Grassim Ritzy plywood is manufactured in such a way that it posses high density for extra strength and power. For providing higher density in Grassim Ritzy plywood, extra layer of high density core and panels are provided during assembly. For example 24.1 mm thickness of core and panel are assembled to make 19 mm plywood. High pressure is provided to bind these layers with high solid content resin.

The ways, we put power of HD in
Grassim Ritzy Plywood...

Manufacturing of Grassim Ritzy HD Plywood

19 mm Plywood construction

Face (Gurjan Wood)

0.4mm X 2=0.8mm

Panel (Eucalyptus)

2.5mm X 5 = 12.5mm

Core (Poplar)

1.8 mm x 6 = 10.8 mm

Total Thickness of composed core &panel

24.1 mm

Final thickness of plywood after pressing

19 mm +

Total compression loss


Our formula for success?
"Strict Quality Control"

The expectations of living and working spaces are getting more and more demanding. In order to meet the needs of end customers and fabricators, products have to be more convincing in term of look, feel and strength. All this is only possible with the regular emphasis on quality.

Testing of Grassim Ritzy plywood by quality inspector for its glue share strength, Modulus of rapture and modulus of elasticity.
Plywood samples are regularly tested in the lab, equipped with top line testing instruments, to check the product's conformity with the ISI specifications. Quality control inspectors inspect every panel with most stringent quality control norms. The entire range of products undergoes extensive quality control processes to enable flawless finish product.

Quality is our priority

For us manufacturing is more than just making a huge quantity, it the quality which represent our actual quantity. We became happier to associate with people who respect and love the quality.

Manufacturing of door needs special attention. The quality personal checking flush door's strength in lab. Door frame strength is checked by dropping down on iron frame.

Chemist is checking the quality of formaldehyde, as it is an important chemical who plays important role in resin manufacturing.

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